The HTC One M8 is a 146.4 x 70.6 x 9.4 mm android phone that weighs about 160grams and this makes it a perfect match for any person who is interested in the HTC phones. These dimensions ensure that you are able to comfortably carry your phone anywhere and everywhere you go without having to worry about how you are going to carry it.

The phone supports virtually all the current networks coverage right from 2G networks through 3G networks to the 4G networks. The coverage of all these networks ensures that you are able to use in whatever network coverage that is available at your exact location. By virtue of the phone being able to access all the available networks and operate effectively under those networks and at the same time being having favourable dimensions it will definitely suit you in whatever places you maybe.

The HTC One M8 s an android phone and therefore you expect it to have an android operating system which is exactly what it has where it uses the 4.4.2 android operating system, but can be upgraded to the 4.4.3 whenever you wish to.

With a quad-core processor of 2.5GHz, internal memory of 16GB, a RAM of 2GB and an expandable memory of up to 128 GB, your memory problems have been solved by this phone. These memory features ensures that all your data is well stored as well making it easier and faster for you to access and retrieve that information.

The sound system of this phone is also something worth noting and mentioning where it offers you the opportunity to listen to the various types of sound format from MP3 to MP4.With its stereo speakers as well as in-built amplifiers, it makes sure that the sound you receive from this phone is of high quality where you will no doubt enjoy the amazing experience brought about by this sound system.