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A healthy hard drive is key to an efficiently running computer. It’s therefore so important that you leave some space on there. It’s often thought that around 500mb is the lowest amount of space you must have on your drives at any time, but I often to err on the side of safety and leave a good couple of GB’s free. Why you should leave free areas is because Windows can get full and clogged up if you let your hard drive fill to maximum and start dropping data. If you leave plenty of drive space then you won’t be in danger of losing data and it would also be able to find files and folders more simply.

Don’t turn off your computer until Windows has shut down.

It can be desirable at times when shut down is taking much more time than usual to simply switch off your computer using the power switch. But the few seconds saved by switching it off like that can mean hours of distress the next time you turn it back on. Windows can shed files or discover that they’ve been corrupted, and you could lose documents or folders just because you were too hasty to wait a few more seconds. In some (but rare) cases you can even cause long lasting damage to your drives.