Smart T.V with Phone Contract

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Go through the terms and conditions of the deal before accepting it

It is quite natural to get mesmerized by a mobile phone contract which fetches you a smart TV, with a touch screen mobile handset, absolutely free of cost. But these deals generally extend up to a limited time period and that is why it is very important to check for the validity and authenticity of the offer at the time of signing the agreement bond with the company. Since these offers expire in a short while, make sure that they are still running and active.

How do the dealers manage to provide such lucrative deals?

The dealer initially advertises for the package deals and waits for response. Once he gets inquiries on the same, he buys time from the customer to trace and source the free gift. Many of them even provide clearance TVs with such contracts but they mention the clause to the client in clear cut terms from before hand. Whatever is the case, these refurbished products, too, are rigorously checked for quality and performance before being passed on to the customer, so you need not worry about their authenticity and productivity.

Choose your smart phone wisely and smartly

A TV deal might swipe you off the floor but before getting carried away with the offer, be wise enough to choose the right handset for yourself which is the main quotient of the deal. Go through the features and functions of the Smartphone, identify its usefulness as per your requirement and specifications, weigh its pros and cons and then decide upon which device you would prefer possessing. Next, look up for free smart TV deals attached with the handset that you have short listed. This way you would be able to capitalize and benefit the most from this amazing deal. Don’t be a fool to buy a mobile gadget only because it offers a complimentary smart TV in return.

Go through the product review section for genuine comments

The best way to compare the features and apps of various smart phones is to go through the comments posted by people who are already using these handsets. This will fetch you genuine remarks and advices regarding whether you should go in for a particular handset or not. Just as you cannot feel a person’s pain till you put yourself in his shoes, similarly you cannot tell about the productivity and usage of a mobile phone till you use it yourself or consult a person who has been using it himself. Although the looks and exteriors can be judged by looking at the device, its battery life, browsing capability, ease of usage etc, can be assessed only when consulted with a current user of the gadget. However, the final verdict should definitely rest on your own decision and assessment of the same.