Choosing The Best Mobile Phone Tariff for Kids

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Wherever you look around, you see not just adults but even youngsters, teenagers, and even kids completely engrossed in their mobiles. The needs of new age children and availability of technology is making younger and younger kids every day adopt a mobile phone. So, if it’s time to get your child a new mobile, it’s also time to opt for the best tariff plan for them. Their safety and ensuring you keep their bills in check is imperative.

Which mobile Tariff for Kid?

Mobile bills do not come according to age. Even a child using a mobile can gather a big mobile bill. So it may be better to opt for a pay as you go for your kid. It not only helps keep costs under control, it passes on a sense of responsibility to the child as well about usage. Allowing their phone to be used only for a specific amount of credit, how much is the actual cost will be clear.

If a certain amount is added to the credit every month, many networks will give free texts or minutes along with it, which will reduce the cost of your child’s mobile bill. Features like emergency reserve can be added so that kids can make calls when credit is over.

However, do keep reviewing your child’s usage as they grow to decide when to switch to a contract plan as you may be paying more on the prepaid plan if their usage increases. SIM only type of deals allow you to test the monthly contract waters before you make it permanent or cancel it within 30 days if it doesn’t suit and move back to prepaid.

Which Handsets for the Child?

The market is such that better technology and expensive phones are available with contracts rather than prepaid. However, when starting with your child, to keep costs lesser and considering the possibilities of loss or theft, it might cost lower to buy cheaper handset with prepaid plans. For as low as less than 100 pounds, you can get mobiles with all the necessary apps and features like camera, internet and gaming.

  1.  In flip phones there are few options: Motorola Flipout, Motorola Gleam and Nokia 2720 fold.
  2.  Touch screen phone options: LG Optimus 3D, Nokia X7 and if your budget is high, then you will consider Apple iPhone 4 16GB.
  3.  Smart phones are good options and these are available at affordable monthly line rental.

With the power of internet right in your child’s mobile, you may want to keep a closer eye on what they are doing and what they are looking at. Do take a keen look at the network’s content protection and internet browsing policy before you make the choice.

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While purchssing a mobile phone for your child you can find various ideas and options available at Along with these, you can also get detailed information of various tariff plans suitable for the child. So, for a child it would be better to choose a simple mobile phone as they are only able to make calls and sends texts but better than a complicated one and its drawbacks.